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Ceramic Metallization Technology and Application

Ceramic Metallization Technology and Application

July 18, 2023

Mo-Mn metallization process is one of the most common metallization processes used in Xiang Ceramics for special-shaped parts. Molybdenum manganese #ceramic metallization is a process that introduces molybdenum and manganese elements into ceramic materials to enhance their properties and give them metallic characteristics. Through this metallization treatment, metallized ceramics can have the excellent characteristics of ceramics and the characteristics of metal conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc., so that it has a wide range of applications in many fields.

Small Ceramic with Metallization

Molybdenum manganese ceramic metallization technology mainly includes two steps:

 1. The first is to form a metal coating on the surface of the ceramic, usually using chemical plating or physical vapor deposition methods.

 2. Through heat treatment, the metal coating and the ceramic matrix are diffused with each other to form a metallized layer, so that it is firmly combined with the ceramic material and is used for the metal sealing of the customer's end products. Our metallized products have high sealing strength, stable quality in bending resistance, tensile strength, air tightness and other properties, and have won the favor of the majority of users.

Main application areas:

At present, our #metallized ceramics are mainly used for client vacuum brazing, such as electric power vacuum fire chamber; X-ray tube for security; Medical care and new energy and other industrial chain needs.

 All in all, molybdenum manganese ceramic metallization is a technology that can combine ceramic materials with metal properties. It has important applications in the electrical, electronic, medical and energy fields, supporting technological progress and innovation in various industries.

Ceramic Tube with inner step metallization


Ceramic metal coatings have many advantages in enhancing properties and expanding ceramic applications. Due to the wide variety of metallization processes, manufacturers can customize coatings according to specific requirements. Metallized ceramics are used across multiple industries, enabling advances in electronics, thermal management, wear protection, and biomedical engineering. Continuous research and development in the field of #ceramic metal coatings holds great promise for future technological advances and innovative applications.


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