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The Global Pioneer of Low-Carbon Environmental Protection - UHV Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Housings

The Global Pioneer of Low-Carbon Environmental Protection - UHV Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Housings

November 09, 2023
  • What is a vacuum interrupter?

Vacuum interrupter, also known as vacuum switch tube, is the core component of high and medium voltage power switch, its main function is to make the high and medium voltage circuit cut off the power supply after the excellent insulation of the vacuum in the tube can quickly quench the arc and suppress the current, avoid accidents and accidents, mainly used in power transmission and distribution control system. It is also used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, broadcasting, communication, industrial high frequency heating and other power distribution systems. It has the characteristics of energy saving, material saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, small size, long life, low maintenance cost, reliable operation and no pollution. The vacuum interrupter is divided into circuit breaker interrupter and load switch interrupter from the purpose, the circuit breaker interrupter is mainly used in the power department substation and power grid facilities, and the load switch interrupter is mainly used in the power grid end users.



  • Introduction and application of vacuum tube ceramics

The main structural parts of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber are insulation shell, static and static cover plate, contacts, bellows, shielding cover, static and static conductive rod, guide sleeve, etc., respectively, according to the corresponding function of different materials, vacuum brazing process is used to seal the corresponding parts into a closed vacuum chamber, with the vacuum excellent insulation performance and arc extinguishing performance, after cutting off the power can quickly extinguish arc and suppress the current. Among them, the insulation shell is generally selected AI2O3 ceramic shell, and the alumina ceramic material has a series of advantages such as excellent electrical insulation performance, high mechanical strength, and it is not easy to decompose and evaporate at high temperature, which can ensure the air tightness of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber in the production and operation process and is not easy to damage.

 High Quality VI Ceramic Housing



  • Why use UHV vacuum tube ceramics?

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential index (GWP) 23,900 times that of carbon dioxide and an atmospheric lifetime of 3,200 a, which is widely used in high-voltage switchgear. The massive use of SF6 has brought a huge potential threat to the problem of greenhouse effect. Limiting its use in power switchgear is an effective way to promote the development of green power industry.

Large Size Vacuum Switchgear Ceramic Bushings




  • Best alternative solutions for SF6 switches:

Based on the global low-carbon and environmental protection energy strategy needs of SF6 removal, our company has developed a series of UHV vacuum tube ceramics used to replace SF6 switches, mainly used in 126KV, 145KV, 252KV vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, committed to practicing the "double carbon" strategy, low-carbon green fluorine-free environmental protection. Our UHV vacuum tube ceramic products have excellent electrical performance, good air tightness, high sealing strength, high reliability, etc., and have been supplied to the world's well-known power industry companies. The company has supplied more than 10 million products to the global power transmission and distribution field, and no major quality accidents have occurred so far, and has won an excellent reputation in the global market.



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