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What are the uses of alumina ceramics in new energy vehicles?

What are the uses of alumina ceramics in new energy vehicles?

September 04, 2023

The application of alumina ceramics in new energy vehicles is of great significance and has broad prospects. Its excellent performance and unique advantages, such as high-temperature oxidation resistance, low density, etc., make alumina ceramics play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of new energy vehicles.

 Machining Ceramic Alumina Oxide


  • The main applications of alumina ceramics in new energy vehicles:


  • Application in batteries


a. Electrolyte material

In the electric vehicle battery, the electrolyte material is one of the key factors that determine the battery performance and safety. #Alumina ceramic electrolyte has high ionic conductivity and high-temperature resistance, which can effectively improve the safety and energy density of the battery. At present, researchers are studying how to improve the micro-structure of alumina ceramic electrolyte and optimize ion channels to further improve its ionic conductivity and stability.


b. Battery separator

The separator is another key component in the electric vehicle battery, whose main function is to separate the positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuits. Alumina ceramic separators have the advantages of high strength, high toughness, high chemical stability, etc., which can effectively improve the life and safety of batteries. In addition, #alumina ceramic separators can also achieve fast charging, thereby improving the charging efficiency of batteries. Battery negative electrode material is another important component in electric vehicle batteries, which determines the energy density and charge-discharge efficiency of the battery. Alumina ceramic negative electrode materials have high capacity and good cycle performance, which can effectively improve the charge-discharge efficiency and life of batteries. In addition, alumina ceramic negative electrode materials also have good corrosion resistance and high-temperature stability, which can provide a better safety guarantee for batteries.


  • Other applications


c. Automobile brake discs

 Alumina ceramic brake discs have the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, etc., which can effectively improve the stability and safety of braking. In addition, alumina ceramic brake discs also have good thermal stability, can withstand high-temperature friction, reduce brake friction loss, and improve the reliability and life of braking.


d. Automobile sensors

Alumina ceramic sensors have the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability, high corrosion resistance, etc., which can be widely used in various sensors of automobiles, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc. Alumina ceramic sensors can improve the measurement accuracy and stability of sensors and provide more accurate data support for automobile control systems.


  • Requirements for alumina ceramics in new energy vehicles


With the continuous development of electric vehicle technology, higher requirements have been put forward for the performance and process of alumina ceramics.

  • High strength and toughness: New energy vehicles will be subjected to various complex stresses during driving. Therefore, it is required that alumina ceramics have sufficient strength and toughness to cope with various complex working environments.
  • High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: New energy vehicles will generate a large amount of heat during operation and will also come into contact with various chemical substances. Therefore, it is required that alumina ceramics have high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Good processing performance: Due to a large amount of mechanical processing required in the manufacturing process of new energy vehicles. Therefore, it is required that alumina ceramics have good processing performance for ease of manufacturing and assembly.


New energy vehicles have become an important part of the automobile market with strong development potential and competitiveness. With the continuous development of new energy vehicle technology comes higher quality requirements for alumina materials such as ceramic matrix flexural strength, impact resistance fatigue strength modulus elasticity electrical insulation properties as well as bonding strength with Metallization. Xiang Ceramics has many years of experience in #advanced ceramics such as alumina ceramics production technology. The company has a variety of advanced production equipment and an efficient quality management system. It has become an important supplier to many well-known companies worldwide. We support product customization to meet strict application requirements from clients.


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